Online Course

Leadership in Difficult Times

Unit 2:  Changing Perceptions, Changing Realities: Gender and Ethnicity

developed and designed by Susan Smith Nash
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You may use this flow chart to help you get started with your paper.  You may follow it carefully, or you may use it as a starting point -- a point of departure.  Please use at least two outside resources.  Cite them using APA.
Write about what interests you and is relevant to your life. The choice is yours. 

1--Identify a culture clash in your organization.  What are the groups and who are the members?
     --Describe the prevailing "cultures"
    -- How is it apparent that there are conflicting cultures at play in this situation?
     --Delineate their defining values.
     --Point out areas of conflict.  Describe an example and its possible consequences.

2--Perception issues.  How does one group perceive the other?
    --Problem points.
    --General issues.
   --Specific examples.
   --Are people manipulating others in order to profit from the culture clash?  Why? How? When does it happen?

3---Costs of Escalation.  What are they?  How and when does escalation happen?  Provide examples of escalated ethnic, cultural, gender, or class / interest group clash.

4--Perception Correction.  How would you go about correcting perceptions and misconceptions?  How would you de-escalate a situation?  When and where are power issues a factor?  How do people perceive their situation vis-à-vis power structures, the distribution of resources, economic access, a voice in community affairs, etc.?

5--Insights gained from this analysis.  List them.  Comment on what it means to you, and your ability to work for positive change in your community, organization, or group.