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Sample Topic:  Recent Scientific Findings on Alcoholism that Could Have Significance for Adult Children of Alcoholics

I've recently started volunteering at the local homeless shelter, and I am very surprised at how many of the homeless are alcoholics, and how many have children.  I understand that many were children of alcoholics themselves. 

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My Purpose:

Information that could help understand problems, save lives.

Gene Therapy

Child Drinkers Grow Up to be Alcoholics

Sugar Craving and Alcohol

Childhood Abuse Predicts Social Phobias, Alcoholism, and PTSD

One-sentence summary of the articles covered in the paper This paper summarizes recent research findings in the following area: _____________

General Subject Area: 
The general subject area I am investigating is the following: ______________________________________

My purpose for being interested in this is:  Some of the contributing reasons for interest in this topic are: ______________________

Summary and/or overview of the articles I focused on:
This is a one-paragraph overview.

Article Overview & Analysis -- Follow this structure for each article: 

a.  This article reports findings from (who, where, when, what, why).

b.  Meaning and major significance (quote should be followed by a parenthetical citation, with Works Cited to follow. Inside parentheses: Author followed by year).

c.  Most important aspect of the study and why.

d.  What this means to me in the world at large and to the field.

Personal Opinions and Conclusions:  These are my thoughts and ideas after reading the articles, doing more investigations on the topic, etc.

Recommendations, Insights, Ideas for Future Study:
Did I learn much from these articles & my subsequent research?  What was it?  What will I do next?  What recommendations would I make to the researchers? My conclusions...

NOTE:  Citing Sources -- APA Style for Electronic Sources

Online periodical:

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author,  C. C. (2000).
    Title of article. Title of  Periodical, xx, xxxxxx.
    Retrieved month day, year, from source.

Online document:

Author, A. A. (2000). Title of work.
   Retrieved month day, year, from source.


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