In the Middle of

Maggie Cameron


The water was warm and clear, the breeze was quiet and playful, and the sun was comforting and consoling.  He woke up to the sound of the waves kissing his toes good morning and the sun warming his face in the hopes he might wake soon. He did not remember how he got there but was immediately in love with his surroundings an everything in it (as he was in love with everything else he saw). He got up and decided to explore this new place in hopes of finding the love of his life and maybe some food as well.
As he started to wander around the lush green island, his senses came to life. He could hear the sounds of exotic animals enjoying the day, he could smell the luscious flowers, and he could almost taste true love in the breeze that stroked his face. Suddenly there she was, as beautiful as anything that he had ever seen. She was dressed in a long flowing gown and walked as if the very land she was standing on was carrying her. Her face was masked with a mysterious smile that seemed to imply she knew the secret to this place.
  He immediately ran to her and professed his love for the island and everything in it, including her. She simply continued with her smile and he continued loving her. Years passed and he followed the smiling woman around all the while still loving her. He never grew tired of her nor did she seem to notice his existence to grow tired of him. The island provided everything they needed to survive, along with an old coconut radio that did not seem to work quite right and only picked up old radio talk shows.
Their days were spent living a very relaxed life and watching the sun go to bed beyond the horizon of the sea.  One calm and relaxing night (much like every other night they had together), as they were watching the sun settle in for the night a small, mysterious looking boat slowly seemed to be creeping in their direction. As the boat grew closer, the two watched in silence, as they always watched things, to see who the new visitors might be. The boat got to shore and out popped an older man wearing a skipper uniform and an old, beat up white sailor hat. He was a former habitant of the island for many years and had brought his twelve grandchildren to the island in order to reminisce and tell stories of the "good ol' days". The couple went on the three hour tour of the island with the old man who offered them a ride back to the mainland which turned out to be only twenty minutes away by boat. They both accepted and said goodbye to the island, wandering who its next inhabitants might be.
On the boat ride home, he feel madly in love with one of the granddaughters and professed his love to her. Her name was Mary Ann. She was named after a dear friend of her grandfather. They married, had four children, and lived happily ever after.