Maggie Cameron's Reality Construction Chamber

For an example of a writing based on this flowchart:
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Once the grotesquely oversized duck hears of the new Dr. Phatkins, "All You Can Eat Duck Diet", he resigns from his posh bay watch type job in order to launch his own animal rights website.

Vivid Characters -- names & descriptions…
-- A cocky, self-assured woman who does not need a man in her life
-- A hopeless romantic young man who falls in love with everyone he meets
-- An extremely intelligent child who perhaps knows too much for his own good

Philosophical Ideas or Names of Philosophers
1. Nihilist-- An extreme form of skepticism that denies all existence
2. Taoism-- It advocates preserving and restoring the Tao in the body and the cosmos
3.  Ralph Waldo Emerson -- "The faith should blend with the light of rising and of setting suns, with the flying cloud, the singing bird, and the breath of flowers

Condition, or a State of Being:
1. Confused
2. Excited
3. Surprised
4. Panic

The Colors,
Contrasts, &
Shapes that express these emotions.
Yellow, round, big, small, miniscule, light/dark, funny/without sense of humor

The Reality Construction
This is where the combinations take place --
A love struck boy meets the mysterious Mona Lisa on Gilligan's Island, while the nihilist genius child tries to woo the ever so adorable Alice in Wonderland.

The Castle or the Bride of
Frankenstein: See transformative grammar/syntax come to life.

Literary Characters, artists or the names of works of art:
1.  Alice in Wonderland

2.  Don Quixote

3.  Mona Lisa

4. Cat in The Hat

5.  Marianne from
Sense and Sensibility

An inventory of shapes, colors, descriptions…
A Christmas tree, fireworks, Sticky like your clothes on an Oklahoma August day

A Setting for This:
An old run down mansion with many acres of land surrounding it
Gilligan's Island
A play-dough factory