Taking a Position Survival Guide & Flowchart
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Developed by Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.  -- susan at beyondutopia dot com

What's the Controversy?
Why save the PufferFish?
Who will you be citing as primary authorities?

Defining the Two Sides
Cite the standard points of view. Save the PufferFish! Or, Good Riddance to that Trashy Fish!   Define the key terms needed to understand the two sides.
Cite references.  Use the proper form.

A Little Bit of History Goes a Long Way ...
in explaining why attitudes have hardened vis--vis our lovely PufferFish.   Use concrete details, cite references when necessary. 

I'm not mean-spirited, but who can blame me?  No one gives me any respect.  I want to be protected.  Then my own theme park !

Who Are the Most Influential Apologists?  (for each side)
Who wants to Save the PufferFish?  What do they say? Who thinks they might as well go the way of the Dodo?  Cite at least two experts on each side, and trace the history of ideas governing the opinions.

What Are the Defining Events or Occurrences in this Controversy?
What were two or three key events that caused or exacerbated the controversy?  Why did they happen?  Who was involved?  Where?  When?  Remember to include as many concrete details as possible, and references.

Controversial or Polemical Elements -- What Makes This Worth Studying?
PufferFish -- why bother?  Because she's important!  (Yikes!  It's a "she"???)Tell us why the PufferFish controversy matters & who says so and when.

What You Think about the Controversy -- Your Own Take
What is your opinion?  Are the PufferFish supporters missing a key point?  Why?  Is the other side overlooking something, too?  How do you see the controversy?  Can you shed new light?  New insight?  Support your claims.

Why It Matters
Insights, analysis, areas where further research will take place.