Extended Definition Survival Guide & Flowchart
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Developed by Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.   -- susan at beyondutopia dot com

What Is It?
What is the RedSpot Fish? 
Why is it important to develop a thorough definition at this time?
What is your motivation for defining the RedSpot Fish?
Who will you be citing as primary authorities?

Official Definition Section
Cite the standard definition of the RedSpot Fish.  Define key terms needed to understand the RedSpot Fish.
Cite references.  Use the proper form.

A "Day in the Life" Typical View
Show us a typical "day in the life" of the RedSpot Fish.  Use concrete details, cite references when necessary. 

Swimming in tricky waters -- where am I?  What am I?  Where am I going?  How did other fish swim?  How did they do it?

The Context -- Life & Times of the Thing You Are Defining
The Big Picture.  How does the RedSpot Fish fit into the big picture, and what are the unique situations that arise around the Redspot Fish?  Cite at least two examples, and trace the history of ideas governing the opinions.

"Up Close & Personal" -- Detailed, Close-In View
What would our friend, the RedSpot Fish, look like under scanning electron microscope?  Who has investigated this closely?  What did they find?

Controversial or Polemical Elements -- What Makes This Worth Studying?
RedSpot Fish -- why bother?  Because he's important!  Tell us why & who says so.

What You Think is the Essence of the Thing
What is your opinion?  After reading about the RedSpot Fish and analyzing various sets of data, do you have an opinion that differs from that of the main current?  Why?  What is it?  How can you support your ideas?

Why It Matters

Insights, analysis, areas where further research will take place.

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