AAPG is partnering with PetroEd to expand its offerings of educational opportunities.  AAPG members receive a 5 percent discount.

PetroEd offers self-paced, automated, graphics-rich courses with animations and quizzes which can be accessed online.  The courses offer assessments and certificates of completion can be generated.  You may also maintain an archive of your completed courses for professional purposes.  Please visit www.petroed.com to purchase courses using the coupon code"AAPGMEMBER2011" for a 5% discount on the total order.

PetroEd eLearning Library


Drilling Fundamentals

Electrical Skills

Ammeters, Meggers and Wheatstone Bridge Library
Conduit Installation Library
Electrical Print Reading Library
Electrical Safety Library
Electrical Theory for Troubleshooters Library
Limit Switches
AC/DC Motor Maintenance Library
AC/DC Motor Theory Library
Multimeters Library
Oscilloscopes Library

General Petroleum

General Skills

Office Computer Data Security (OS)
Developing Logical Thinking (DLT)

Health, Safety and Environment

Mechanical Skills

Centrifugal Pump Repair
Hand Tools
Industrial Hydraulic Power
Industrial Lubrication
Mechanical Print Reading
Mechanical Seals
Precision Measuring Instruments
Valve Repair

Production Operations