Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

Experience and Qualifications


Last 15 years: Specialized in turn-arounds and start-ups; built multi-product, diversified educational programs containing face-to-face, elearning, m-learning, and hybrid delivery for colleges, universities, professional organizations, other institutions in wide array of subject matters, ranging from general education, liberal arts, to career training.

All phases: From strategic implementation of new and rebuilt programs to hands-on detailed development (includes content development and instruction) for startups and pilots

Average program revenues: $2  - $3.5 million per year; target of 12% surplus after expenses and overhead.

Director-level administration: Responsible for distributed and on-site teams: Directed teams of program managers, instructors, subject matter experts, event planners, researchers, course / assessment developers, support services, contract team members, accreditation reviews, internship programs.

Program goals: High-quality programs with demonstrated positive outcomes, with positive return on investment, and positive net to plow back into organization to cover expenses, and to contribute / underwrite services such as publications and libraries. 

Petroleum geology: Maintained credentials as practicing petroleum geologist; specialize in onshore teams, and integrative technologies (including shale plays and unconventionals). Responsible for compliance,  investor relations, training development, team leadership. Currently pursuing application of new technologies to solving water problems in the oil field, enhancing production in mature reservoirs, and employing new, integrative technologies and perspectives (geomechanics, reservoir quality) in frontier as well as traditional areas.


Ph.D.  (1996)              University of Oklahoma                      English (rhetoric and composition)
Dissertation: Apocalypse in Twentieth-Century Literature, Film, and Cultural Texts: The Persistence and Questioning of the Messianic Vision

M.A.   (1989)              University of Oklahoma                      English (emphasis on creative writing)
Thesis:  Active Fault: Translations and Convergences of Geology and Poetics

B.S.     (1981)             University of Oklahoma                       Geology

Graduate work in Economics (University of Oklahoma and Texas A&M) – emphasis on Developmental Economics
Graduate work in Geology (University of Oklahoma) – emphasis on fine-grained systems, paleoecology, petroleum systems, and mass extinction events

Certificate Programs and Courses:  Online Instruction / Instructional Design Basics / CREOLE / Multimedia / Hybrid & Online Course Design (Florida State College, Troy University, University of Oklahoma Continuing Education); Personnel Management Series (Cornell University); Management and Supervising (University of Oklahoma), Unconventional Resources and Shale Plays, Alternative Energy

Languages:   Spanish (fluent, spoken and written); French (intermediate written); Russian (very basic conversational); Portuguese (written and basic spoken). 

Educational Programs Leadership:
Since 1990s, have led diverse teams to recreate or revitalize educational/training divisions and programs that leverage new technologies to provide online, face-to-face, and hybrid delivery within an enterprise framework (corporate, professional association, higher education), to meet the needs of multiple and constantly evolving constituencies. To that end, it has been vital to forge innovative partnerships, secure grants and contracts, and launch satellite and affiliate programs internationally. Further, it has been necessary to adopt a proactive stance toward developing web presence, working with social media, and employing effective market research to establish a solid presence in both mainstream and niche markets, with a loyal base.  The teams are lean and cross-trained, with technologists, social media specialists, subject matter experts, graphic designers, and market analysts, along with event planners and support staff. Success is measured not only in revenue ($3 million / year) but also in successful completion of coursework and assessments, to assure knowledge and technology transfer.

Directed teams to develop and deliver the curriculum, the courses:
More than 150 subject matter experts
More than 100 instructors
Three event planners
Team of graphic designers, instructional designers, course writers, social media specialists, administrative assistants
175 courses, educational events, and other educational activities per year
$3.1 million annual budget

Educational programs (degrees, certificates, courses)

Diversified portfolios of products and delivery options
    E-Learning / Mobile Learning
    Social / Collaboratively-networked

Types of educational products
    Workshops (face-to-face with online component)
    Blended Hot Topic Forum (F2F, with mobile / online component)
    Webinars (e-symposia)
    Short courses
    Online courses
    Research conferences (hybrid)
    Education conferences (hybrid as well as F2F)
    One-day “Forum of Experts” – F2F with web-enhanced content
    Field seminars
    Quick-Bite Learning: MOOC and mini-MOOCs, for associations and more
    Certificate programs
    Degree programs (in conjunction with universities)

Grants and contracts:
Since 1998, more than $10 million, with both government and private sources represented

Subject Matter Regimes:
    Engineering and Geosciences / Analytics
    Technical team support (technical writing, professional writing,
conflict resolution, cultural diversity, creative problem-solving)
    Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor: Writing / Humanities / Leadership
    Developed courses
    Taught courses (received several teaching awards)
    Authored textbooks

Petroleum geology:
Maintained credentials as petroleum geologist: approximately 15 years experience as a petroleum geologist.

Instructional design, technology, and content provider:
Continued education by completing certification in instructional technology, ongoing graduate studies in economics, along with professional development and certificate courses in exploration geophysics, petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, and leadership. 

Thought leadership – presentations and publications:
Maintained professional presence and leadership by publishing in peer-reviewed journals and monographs; authored influential and popular texts on e-learning (25,000 downloads per year).

Textbooks, monographs, articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, along with creative writing in peer-reviewed journals (poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, plays)

Immediate goals:
Meet needs of constituencies and bring in positive cash flow to the organization in order to be not only self-sustaining but also to make a significant contribution to the organization’s net revenue.  Assure high quality programs, and effective knowledge transfer through outcomes assessment.

Take an inter-disciplinary, technology-assisted approach to human potential development, for individuals and their communities (companies, professions) and leverage the latest technology to create programs that meet real needs, and create a template that can be used “as is” and also modified for the future. 

Correlative goals:
Develop an integrative approach to program and business unit development that aggressively integrates content development and delivery, needs assessment, knowledge transfer repositories (online libraries, learning management systems, content management), market research, social media, and integrative technology pioneering, in order to capture content, learners, and revenue flows to be a responsive, flexible, and ahead-of-the-curve technically and economically, all the while keeping solid learner outcomes as the preeminent measure of success, along with reported satisfaction.


2008 – Present American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Director of Education and Professional Development):
                        Online and face-to-face education and professional development programs. Responsible for administration of education conferences, short courses, field courses, distance education; design and deployment of new education products (adaptive / "quick bite" mobile learning, e-symposia, webinars, geotechnology workshops, innovative use of mobile technologies for learning settings); responsibilities include promotion, strategic partnerships including energy-track MBA design, and earth science education program for K-12 in urban public schools; industry partnership and technology transfer through integrated technology consortium; technology transfer education. Focus on talent management / career development / professional development in renewable and non-renewable energy.  Accomplishments:  Designed and launched an e-symposium series for energy professionals (petroleum, energy, geoscientists & engineers); obtained grants and contracts for training / open courseware $30,000 AAPG Foundation, 2009); helped launch global Geosciences Technology Workshops (GTW) series; renewable energy e-certificate program. Principal Investigator:  5-year $4.0 million technology transfer education (Department of Energy, 2009); 3-year $995,000 carbon capture and sequestration education (Department of Energy, 2009), helped design plan for an Energy-focus MBA; helped launch K-12 science education initiatives.

2007- Present:      Director, Victoria Resources
                        Responsible for investor relations, demographic / economic research, renewable energy, as well as expanding the consulting services offered since 1998 to numerous clients in education, energy, publishing, manufacturing, and other industries providing services in distance education programs, marketing, instructional materials, learning technologies, and research.

Management of services since 1998:

--  Managed teams and also provided services to develop curriculum / content for content across the curriculum, English Composition, General Education, Humanities, Spanish, Human Relations / International Relations (leadership, contemporary problems, creative problem-solving, conflict resolution, difficult times), Leadership, Creative Writing, Business, Theology, and many other courses.
-- Development of training materials and best practices / instructional strategy for e-learning / distance learning instructors / programs
-- Development of assessment strategy documents and assessment tools
-- Development of courses and content for mobile learning courses (English / writing / geosciences / engineering / HVAC / health and fitness / nursing / medical coding / humanities / general education)
--  Management of accreditation self-study, review preparation team; participated in accreditation review teams
--  Development of best practices and materials for webinars, and other synchronous distance training
--  Development of and management of critical path / timeline for elearning / distance learning programs / certificate programs / degree programs (paralegal / HVAC / graphic design / culinary institute / humanities)
--  Development of promotion / marketing  / awareness using social networking, web-based communications, and alternative e-marketing
-  Production of instructional materials and curriculum for professional association, provided instructional design and course-writer support for career college degrees and certificate programs (carbon sequestration / paralegal / sustainable business / e-communications / HVAC / graphics design / computer science / medical coding ICD-10 / nursing / allied health)
--  Development of white papers for decision-making & strategy for international business; white papers for sustainable business / renewable energy and non-renewable energy -- includes in-depth market analysis, and educational demand for sustainable business / environmental / alternative energy

2004-2007:      Associate Dean, Graduate Liberal Arts, Excelsior College (Albany, NY)
 Responsible for administration of two distance graduate programs: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, and Master of Arts in Public Administration; oversight of e-learning courses; development of mobile learning initiatives; in charge of promotion and strategic partnerships; competed for and awarded grant for teacher training to develop programs for diaspora populations (at-risk immigrant populations in the U.S.).

1997-2004:      Program Director (Online Curriculum, College of Liberal Studies and Dept of Human Relations) University of Oklahoma
                        Program Manager (Online Courses, EDGE Institute / Sarkeys Energy Center, College of  Geosciences)
                        Program Director (Engineering and Geosciences Continuing Education):  Responsible for a wide array of curricula and course development initiatives in e-learning and mobile learning;  administered and developed new conferences, short courses, distance education programs for engineering and geosciences; competed for and administered grants and contracts to conduct program evaluation, distance education, exchange programs (Azerbaijan, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan).

1996-1997:      St. Gregory’s College (Director of LEAPS Program): developed program for at-risk students for tutoring, mentoring with computer-based applications; also developed remediation programs in science and mathematics.

1991-1996:      Victoria Resources (geology, international marketing for companies and clients)                                           
University of Oklahoma (Instructor; marketing / editing for Oklahoma Geological Survey publications)

1987-1991:      Kerr-McGee Corporation (International Operations Analyst): supply and demand predictions, market forecasts, production scheduling, marketing: titanium dioxide pigment, synthetic rutile; zirconium dioxide.

1982-1987:      Valley Exploration (Geologist):  Exploration and development geologist: Oklahoma, Texas; Anadarko Basin, Central Oklahoma Uplift, Arkoma Basin, Texas Panhandle.


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edublog:  Inside E-Learning ( ) – more than 100 articles on academic writing and research, online education, strategies, career outlook, educational success strategies.

edublog:  E-Learning Queen ( – theoretical articles, along with numerous online interviews with innovators and leaders in e-learning.  E-Learning Queen has been widely recognized by educators and distance learning providers as a source of high-quality and up-to-date information on online learning, mobile learning, and new trends and technologies.

Categories: instructional design, instructional technology, distance education, leadership, program management, mobile learning


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Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, March 1996.
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Ayvu Membire, Susy Delgado.  Fall 2001, Asuncion, Paraguay.
Translations of poetry, fiction, prose by Paraguayan women authors, in an anthology project, First Light: An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Poetry.
Translations of poetry from Guarani and Spanish from the Paraguayan poet, Susy Delgado.
"On John M. Bennett's Translation of Sor Juana's Primer Sueno" Prime Sway.   Norman, OK:  Texture Press, 1995.
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Translations of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz in Active Fault, M.A. Thesis, 1989.

Trubar Translation Grants / Publication (Texture Press):  Evald Flisar (2012, 2013)

Recipient of Publications Grant / Award for E-Learning Queen ( from the Open Source Arts and Letters Initiative (OSALI).

Principal Investigator -- RPSEA
Technology Transfer.  April 2010.

OpenCourseware:  $30,000 from AAPG Foundation: Role Principle Investigator.

Technology Transfer Workshops and Training (Face-to-Face and Online).  Department of Energy.  Amount of award:  $4.0 million.  October 2009. Role: Principle Investigator: 2009 - 2011.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration Workshops and Training.  Department of Energy:  November 2009.  3 years.  Amount of Award:  $995,00 Petroleum Technology Transfer Council.  (Note: Part of ARRA) . Role: Principle Investigator: 2009 - 2011.

The Impact of Diaspora on Communities and Schools:  Teacher Training.  April 2007.  $105,000.  Ford Foundation. Granted to Excelsior College .Role: Principle Investigator: 2006-2007.

Numerous grants and awards, including Ford Foundation (principle investigator), Trubar Fund (Slovenia – publications grant), Paraguayan Ministry of Navigation and Ports, University of Oklahoma Outstanding Teaching award; University of Oklahoma Outstanding Dissertation

American Association of Petroleum Geologists:  Education Committee Advisory Board Member (2004 – present)

Board of Directors, VOCA Foundation, a division of ACDI-VOCA.  Economic development, with focus on agriculture and energy. Washington, DC.  2006 – present.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Active Member); Energy Minerals Division.

Modern Language Association.  Active Member.

American Society for Training and Development.  Active Member.


Outstanding Faculty Award / Recognition. Florida State College Jacksonville. 2012.
Numerous Awards and Recognitions for E-Learning Queen (  Top Edu-Blog Award, Education Innovator Award, more.
University of Oklahoma Student Association Award for Outstanding Faculty.  2003.
-Trubar Fund (Ljubljana, Slovenia) – October 2001, Grant to fund research on Slovenian writers.



Grant-writing / contract-writing for numerous projects and academic programs; participated in proposal-writing, budgets, impact assessment, justification, project/program design; humanities and environmental/geological areas; proposals ranged from $100,000 - $2.3 million. Past contracts awarded:  United States Agency for International Development:  Economic Diversification, 2001:  amount  $23,500.  United States Agency for International Development --  Private Sector Strengthening Mission (Azerbaijan) :  1999-2000: amount $143,000;   United States Agency for International Development --  Economic Diversification in Oil-Dependent Economies (Azerbaijan):  1999-2000: amount $168,000;  Paraguayan Ministry of Justice and Labor:  Prison Reform ($43,500);  Paraguayan National Administration of Ports ($38,000).  


Windmill literary magazine of the University of Oklahoma English Department.  Fundraising efforts while editor (1992-94).

Raised sufficient funding to pay for printing costs, distribution, and honoraria.  Instituted Alumni Donor program and prepared press releases and publicity, with resulting coverage in Oklahoma newspapers, including The Daily Oklahoman, The Norman Transcript, The Ponca City News, The Daily McAlester News-Capital and Democrat, The Oklahoma Daily.


U.S. Saving Bond Drive:  Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation Chair, raised $23,000 during 1988 drive.


The United Way, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Loaned Executive Program:  103 accounts, headed team that raised $281,000 during the 1987 campaign.