Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.



Involved in the development and administration of online courses and programs since the early 1990s, Susan Smith Nash has made a point to share her experience as well as her research through her websites, weblogs and podcasts.  Her background is interdisciplinary, with a Ph.D. in English, M.A. in English, post-graduate courses in economics and instructional design, B.S. in Geology.


In addition to developing and teaching courses in writing, leadership, and literature, Susan has developed content for writing courses for web-based and mobile delivery.  The writing courses and content span multiple learning styles, levels, and rhetorical situations, ranging from technical writing, first-year composition, advanced composition, graduate research and writing, professional writing, as well as memoirs and autobiography, and materials for English language learners.


The recipient of collaboration and innovation awards for her work in developing innovative and high-quality online and hybrid programs that take advantage of the latest technologies, Nash has been involved with organizations and educational institutions involved in online education and training.  Ground-floor online program development for the University of Oklahoma and has developed curriculum and programs for elearning (including mobile learning) for Florida Community College Jacksonville, the Literature Institute, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Excelsior College. 


Over the last 15 years, Nash has developed instructional content for textbooks, audio books (educational mp3 downloads), simulations and serious games, video (downloadable educational video clips). Content includes Spanish and English language materials.


Having held administrative positions at Excelsior College and the University of Oklahoma, Susan is currently Director of Education and Professional Development at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. 


She has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and has made presentations at prominent national conferences. Susan is involved with research into the best ways to use new techniques and technologies (Web 2.0, etc), for effective e-learning (and training).


Her book, Excellence in College Teaching and Learning: Classroom and Online Instruction, was co-authored with George Henderson and published in 2007. Leadership and the e-Learning Organization, was published in 2006.  Nash is managing editor of Texture Press, also an editor with JELLO - Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects.  Her edublog, e-Learning Queen ( has been nominated for several awards.  Her most recent book, Good Deeds Society (2008), was translated into Slovenian (Klub Dobrih Dejanj) and received recognition in Ljubljana and in schools in Slovenia.